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  Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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C.N.S. is your END-to-END Solution Provider

Our Philosophy is Simple ... "build a strong, stable infrastructure and then incorporate the best software available to get the most out of your investment."

Robert Wagstaff

1. Quality Computer Hardware

The computer hardware should provide the power and growth capacity needed, at a reasonable cost.  Since system needs will almost certainly grow, the equipment should be expandable to meet known future needs.  Also, since future needs are not predictable, the system should utilize industry standards (like the Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating Systems) to provide the client with as many future hardware and software options as possible. 

2. Hardware Maintenance

When any part of the computer equipment fails, the operating efficiency of the client organization suffers, which results in lost profits.  The goal of hardware maintenance is to get the system back to its optimum operation as soon as possible, with the least effort.  The best way to accomplish this goal is with a Complete Network Solutions Service Agreement.

3. Application Software

For a system to be successful, the application software must fit the client's needs at the detail level.  Further, it must continue to fit the client's needs, even after the "initial known needs" are met.  When selected properly, the application software becomes the "permanent" solution to the client's system needs.

4. On-Going Programming & Operations Support

Like hardware maintenance, the goal of on-going support is to optimize the continuing utilization of the system.  In order for this goal to be achieved, the client needs programming support, telephone support, Technical Support, and maybe even accounting support--available from responsive and experienced computer professionals.  Our goal is to make every client's system successful, and with careful attention to details, this goal can be achieved each and every time.

5. Training

A system without training is typically not used to its fullest capability.  Conversion to a new system should be carefully planned by people experienced in this process, and client personnel should be thoroughly trained to operate the new system.  The learning curves of new applications and/or processes can vary from each project and can be steep at times.  This is all the more reason to retain Complete Network Solutions for continual support including constant training for efficiency improvement.

6. Good Procedures and Records

A new computer system will not necessarily improve the accuracy of a client's records.  If the company's records and operational procedures are incomplete, the computer system will probably only accentuate these flaws.  However, if the procedures and records are in good condition, the new system can significantly improve the company's operation.

7. Strong System Administrator

For a system to be successful, the system administrator who is responsible for its implementation and daily operation must not only be capable of performing this role, but also must be dedicated to the system's success.  In addition, they must be fully knowledgeable of the entire systems' interoperability so that troubleshooting is streamlined and downtime is minimized.  Finding qualified staff that meet these requirements is difficult and therefore an On-Site Maintenance Agreement with Complete Network Solutions might be the right solution for your company.

But Exactly What Services Does CNS Provide???

The first question prospective clients always asks us is "What do you do?".
Our answer to that is "Everything".

Complete Network Solutions' main objective is to help its clients improve their core business by implementing quality computer solutions.  We work with clients to create a solution which effectively links their people, business processes and computer technology with their company's strategy and business plan.  CNS's ability to strengthen the Information Technology aspect of a company's business strategy is distributed into three stages.

Analysis -- We begin by surveying existing equipment, software, and personnel.  Once this information is compiled, we can develop a plan which integrates current and developing technologies with the existing conditions and the desired results.

  • Hardware evaluation
  • Software evaluation
  • Network system evaluation
  • Web site evaluation
  • Disaster recovery evaluation

Design -- This is the next step in CNS's full service package.  Once a plan has been devised, we can begin to craft the specific items needed for a final implementation.

  • Network infrastructure design for the company LAN/WAN
  • Web design & development including ASP, VBScript, JavaScript and database integration
  • Intranet design & development
  • Internet connectivity design
  • Database solutions
  • Custom software solutions

Implementation -- This is the final step in a Information Technology project.  Once the plan is set, the products chosen, and the programs developed, we can proceed to physically deploying and testing the solution.  This stage is equivalent to the task of constructing a building once the design drawings are completed.

  • Installation and configuration of MS BackOffice Solutions with the core operating system of Windows 2000 Server
  • Deployment of Windows 9x, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Workstations
  • Installation and configuration of MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server
  • Installation and configuration of network switches, routers, hubs and wireless networks
  • Rapid Deployment of pre-configured computer systems

This three stage process allows us to devise any solution for any problem...or at least that is the intention.  : )

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