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  Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Anthony International is the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty glass, commercial glass refrigerator & freezer doors, case lighting, and display & merchandising systems.
CNS has worked with AI since 1995 establishing a fully functional computer network system built around a fiber backbone, an IBM AS/400 and over 15 Dell servers.  Supporting over 200 users both locally and remote, CNS has done it all when it comes to computer systems.  This includes file and print servers, SonicWall firewalls, email servers, spam server, web servers, backup servers, a Storage Area Network (SAN), payroll servers utilizing UltiPro HRMS, VPN tunnels to remote manufacturing facilities, deploying and maintaining all the workstations and more.

Autotech Accessories Inc. (TENZO-R RACING SPORTS) was established in Sun Valley, California in 1992 as a manufacturer and importer of performance products and accessories for the import tuner market.
CNS initially worked with Autotech to recover from a failed server hard drive.  After thoroughly documenting the network environment CNS was able to prevent the cost of new server hardware and optimized the operation.  When a critical workstation crashed, CNS was there.  When backup jobs were failing, CNS solved the issues and documented step-by-step instructions to check nightly backups.

Directives West is the west coast powerhouse when it comes to fashion consulting and keep up to date about who's up and coming and who's fading away.
CNS worked with Directives West to establish new broadband connectivity for the entire office, optimize the executive laptops, data cleanse the contact lists and to configure a pseudo server for file and print sharing.

Dr. Arleen Azar-Mehr is a Los Angeles orthodontist in the San Fernando Valley. A third generation dentist, Dr. Azar-Mehr is highly skilled in all aspects of dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontic treatments.
CNS worked with Dr. Arleen Azar-Mehr to move her dental practice from Granada Hills to Reseda.  During that process CNS helped advise and procure all new workstations, server and networking equipment.  Broadband connectivity was established and PracticeWorks was installed and configured.  Additionally, an imaging server and scanner was setup along with networked printers and an online backup system.

Dr. Charlotte Roberson, DDS

Dr. Charlotte Roberson, DDS has a dental practice in Northridge, CA.
CNS worked with Dr. Roberson to establish an Internet broadband connection for the office by utilizing existing hardware and working with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  In addition, line-of-business application support (ComputerAge) was provided along with network printer troubleshooting.

Dr. Jonathan Gordon, DDS

Dr. Jonathan Gordon, DDS has a dental practice with Dr. Oded Bahat in Beverly Hills, CA.
CNS setup new Windows server and Internet broadband connection with a wireless router.  Deployed new workstations and migrated all data to a shared location for easier access.  CNS also troubleshooted network printing issues, remote connectivity and line-of-business application (ComputerAge).  In addition, CNS setup domain names, email hosting and configured Microsoft Outlook for email for all users.

Dr. Mehdi Fotovat, DDS

Dr. Mehdi Fotovat, DDS has a dental practice Valley Village, CA.
CNS upgraded Dr. Fotovat's network to Active Directory to provide a single logon experience and provide better security.  In addition, workstations were given software refreshes and network printers were shared properly across the network.  In addition, a wireless network was setup, an online backup routine was established and the line-of-business application (Orthotrac and Invisilign ClinCheck) was supported.

Dr. Philippe Athuil, DDS

Dr. Philippe Athuil, DDS has a dental practice in Beverly Hills, CA.
CNS provided full support to Dr. Athuil from procurement of hardware to configuration and post implementation support.  CNS setup a Windows server and Active Directory along with an Internet broadband connection and wireless router.  Support of the line-of-business application (PracticeWorks) has also been supported and maintained.

Dr. William Wright, DDS

Dr. William Wright, DDS has a dental practice in Beverly Hills, CA and Santa Barbara CA.
CNS worked with Dr. Wright to coordinate the move of computer systems to a new office across town.  This included the setup of Internet broadband connectivity, a router, network switch along with a Windows server and workstations.  CNS also helped with the deployment and maintenance of the line-of-business application (PracticeWorks).

Since 1984, Energy Club Inc. has been the leader in providing only the highest quality, greatest variety and most innovative packaging in the snack food industry.
CNS worked with Energy Club to establish a new manufacturing facility.  This included planning the location of the server, the cabling closet and wiring the entire plant for CAT5 cable and phone cable.  In addition, a new Dell server was implemented and all the data was migrated over.  New broadband connectivity was established along with wireless 802.11b, a backup plan was established for MAS90 and all data and all workstations were given memory upgrades and a software refresh to optimize performance.  Also, numerous Zebra Thermal printers were networked and configured for manufacturing operations.

Filmtools is Hollywood's source for grip, electrical, lighting, sound, video and film supplies.  For years big studios have been coming to Filmtools for their production gear, camera support equipment and expendable supplies
CNS worked with Filmtools and line-of-business application developer in deploying new workstations and optimizing performance and functionality.  CNS also helped migrate user's email accounts, setup MS Outlook and troubleshooted network printer issues.  CNS also identified failed backups and setup a backup plan to secure Filmtools' data in the case of a disaster.

JMG Specialties, Inc. is the complete source for all your material handling needs. From hand trucks to wheeled carts to racks, JMG can provide your company with the merchandise you need to run more efficiently.
CNS worked with JMG Specialties, Inc. to fix name resolution issues across the peer-to-peer network that was causing frequent disconnects to their line-of-business application (QuickBooks Pro).  CNS also setup a network scanning solution, wireless connectivity and designed a web site.  In addition, CNS created engineering drawings using AutoCAD and deployed new laptops running Windows Vista.

Jim Rubino designs, develops and implements automation and control systems for numerous industries nationwide. With over 30 years of experience in this field as well as electrical construction, Jim is able to meet the demands and challenges of today's automation needs.
CNS worked with Jim Rubino to establish a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution and to synchronize all data to numerous laptops for optimal data availability.  Moreover, CNS provided line-of-business application setup and training along with ongoing maintenance of workstations, laptops, printers.

Professional Home Warranty Services, Inc. has been providing third party warranty administration services since 1997, specializing in single family homes, condos, townhomes and conversions.
CNS helped PHWS go from the stone age to the information age.  Originally sharing a single AOL account and phone line for all Internet and faxing capabilities and having numerous PCs running independently (not connected or networked) PHWS now benefits from a fully networked office of workstations, servers, printers, broadband and wireless connectivity.  CNS established Active Directory, secure shared folders, remote VPN connectivity, local email (MS Exchange) and web hosting.  CNS also created dynamic ASP web pages for clients to log in and access PWHS's internal database securely from anywhere displaying warranty related pictures and service order information.

Rouse Asset Services is a full service appraisal and marketing firm specializing in rental/dealer equipment fleets.  Rouse Asset Services is owned and operated by the third generation of specialists in appraisals, auctions and marketing of machinery, equipment and inventories.
CNS worked with Rouse Asset Services in deploying, networking and maintaining numerous workstations, printers and servers as well as establishing broadband connectivity.

Service Specialties is a Real Estate management company and also owns an air conditioning and heating business is the San Fernando Valley.
CNS helped Service Specialties network all workstations and establish broadband connectivity.  In addition, CNS helped facilitate the move to Northridge and troubleshooted virus issues, malware issues and printer issues.  Optimization of synchronization of data files to laptops and software refreshes were also performed on workstations.

United Technologies is the parent company of Carrier who owned Ardco (in Scottsboro, AL) at the time Anthony International took them over.  Specializing in refrigeration glass door packages and an electronic lighting system, Ardco has a popular and long-established product line.
CNS worked with Ardco, Carrier and United Technologies' network engineers to coordinate a smooth transition and seamless network operation for Anthony International.  This included performing a system inventory, procuring new workstations, servers, Cisco routers, aerial wireless devices and printers.  Establishing multiple dedicated T1 lines and deploying all in a timely and efficient manner to avoid any down time or migration problems.

Vivitar Corporation was a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of photographic and optical equipment originally based in Oxnard, California. In November 2006, the corporation was purchased by public company Syntax-Brillian Corporation for US $26 million in stock and was operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
CNS worked with Vivitar as it was winding down and closing shop.  CNS helped with basic network connectivity issues, workstation problems and IBM AS/400 exports of data.

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